UD Trucks – Going the Extra Mile

Road transport is one of the most common forms of transport that people use. While there are many trains that are dedicated to moving goods, road transport continues to be a big form of transport for goods and people. The most common way in which goods are transported on the roads is through the use of heavy trucks. These trucks have the capacity to carry heavy goods and are therefore pretty common. In Australia; there are many companies that manufacture trucks of different performance and engine capacities. It doesn’t take much effort to come across a vehicle-selling company with a prime mover for sale. These trucks have various performance emphases and will provide different strong points, depending on the manufacturer’s mission statement, selling point and the particular purpose for the vehicle.

Just like the Japanese have managed to market their products in other markets, Japanese trucks Australia-made are also very popular. UD Trucks are particularly conspicuous when it comes to Japanese trucks because of their reputation for good performance, strong engine, little impact on the environment and fuel efficiency. The company has a clarion call referred to as the gemba spirit that emphasizes on going the extra mile. This company strives to exceed expectations and the existing quality standards in their production process, training of their staff and even in the finished product.

UD Trucks prime mover for sale was rated the best Japanese trucks Australia offers because of the technology used in the vehicles and the engine performance. This is a testament to how effective the gemba spirit has been to this company and makes the choice easier when you need to buy Japanese trucks. Because of the great emphasis on this spirit of creating value, the company ensures that the extra mile is pursued in all its processes.

From the manufacturing plants to the dealers that the company uses, UD Trucks makes sure that all people involved in any part of the product cycle has internalized this spirit. The hiring process of UD engineers, the processes involving research and development, the purchases of raw materials, the production of the prime mover for sale and even the sales and customer support services of the trucks incorporate the value creation agenda.

Cognizant of the high fuel costs, and the environmental impact of green gas emissions, the company has developed very fuel-efficient trucks that emit reduced particulate materials as well as very little carbon dioxide. This spirit of gemba led the company to come up with Quon, which is a heavy duty truck that utilizes the Urea SCR system. The Urea SCR system combined with ultra-high pressure fuel results in low emissions.

While the industry was generally skeptical of the success of this technology, UD showed their position as a market leader that goes the extra mile and a true trailblazer in the truck manufacturing business. Because the company has a very effective market research workforce, the company discovered that some of their customers wanted a truck that combined fuel efficiency and high pressure. The company used this knowledge to come up with the Quester, which is a truck that was made in the true spirit of gemba. Visit them online at http://www.udtrucks.com/en-au/home.

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