Gantry Cranes: Lifting Made Easy in Australia

In any work situation there will be the need to lift loads efficiently and safely. There are a variety of gantry cranes that are available for this type of work.

Depending on the load that needs to be lifted, there are broadly two types of gantry cranes. There are light capacity gantry cranes. These will take loads ranging from 35kgs to 1000kgs. For heavier loads, over head cranes and bridge cranes will have to be considered. These can take weights as heavy as 20 tonnes.

Take a closer look at light capacity gantry cranes. Its module design means that this type of crane can be adapted to suit specific needs.

gantry cranes

The there is the free standing track crane system. This is a large steel frame that works with two “run ways”.

A hoist can be moved over a long distance. This could be suited to a large warehouse, where loads may have to be constantly moved onto waiting trucks. A variation of this gantry crane is the ceiling that supports the track crane. Here, the supporting framework is done away with. Dropper” are used from the ceiling to support the crane structure. “Runways” for the lifting hoist can then be designed to fit within the roof space. A lot of space can therefore be utilized if this system is used. A more localized system is the cantilevered track crane. This uses similar systems to the other two cranes. Cross beams and posts can securely fix this system to an adjoining wall. This frees up the space for fork lift trucks, and the space within the general working area. This system can possibly be used over a specific work station, at the exit or entry pins to a factory or warehouse.

For lifting heavier loads, a bridge crane should really be considered. These can be either single or double girder cranes. Different hoist and carriage configurations can readily be set up.

A highly effective, and safe method of lifting can be easily achieved by the use of a suction pump. This essentially produces a vacuum. A variety of different vacuum lifting systems are available. These systems can easily be added to the gantry cranes that have been described.

A whole range of different materials can be lifted. Quite often only one person will be needed to operate these suction pumps or vacuum lifters. They have been ergonomically designed. There are straight forward controls and safety overrides. This includes an effective vacuum switch. A manually operated vacuum valve can be operated to prevent any dangerous or incorrect operations.

Depending upon the cranes used, these systems can lift a very wide range of different items. This can range from large sheets of plate glass, where up to 8 suction pads can be employed to secure the glass. Another system can be set up to easily lift bags, boxes, and drums. Porous wood boards such as MDF can also be lifted. Non porous wood boards, such as wood laminates can be raised as well. Steel sheets and metals along with stone masonry can also be hoisted. The weights lifted can be as heavy as 2000kg, depending again on the system that is deployed.

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